About this blog

Hi, I'm Rachel, a 29-year old mother of one under one.

I've created this blog to write on current issues in health, particularly affecting women and children. I aim to research the topic fully and bring together a balanced overview of the subject. I will do the hard work for you and present honesty on the area as well as my personal opinion on the impact this will have on the everyday woman and child.

I have a MSc in Human Nutrition focussing on public health, so you may find quite a bit on the whole eating thing. I also have a BSc in Physiology and a background in cancer research so you probably tell I'm a bit of a human body geek. 

Most importantly, I am a mother to a little girl and like any other parent I want to bring her up while making informed but realistic choices towards her health. I never ever, ever, ever follow any faddy diets or think that you should stop yourself having any fun.

I hope I get you thinking. Please comment, your opinion is very welcome.


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